What a massive month we just had with STIFORP in May … but it’s not quite over!

** Get Qualified NOW **

Today is the LAST day of the month. That means it’s also the last day to get qualified for rank advancement with us! Many of you are REALLY close to advancing in rank and we want to see you accomplish your goals, so be sure to make that final push today as it could mean TONS of money for you!

** An Amazing Month of May **

But this month has already been MASSIVELY successful for many of you because of the new “Rising Star” promotion we rolled out.

This promotion is HOT. It’s geared toward giving new members a massive jump start in their paycheck. Just imagine TRIPLING the size of your paycheck AND your organization EVERY TWO WEEKS. That’s where we’re headed based on our current numbers!

Our rising star promotion only lasts until July 31st
, but it gives new members the opportunity to enroll JUST 3 PEOPLE - and by doing that, you will share in 1% of ALL COMPANY REVENUE. That’s massive money for a small amount of work!

Since we JUST began this promotion in May (and remember, today is the LAST DAY OF MAY to get rank-advancement), it’s pretty exciting to see that so many members took hold of this opportunity - and you can fully expect that those numbers will shoot through the ROOF in June and July as new members see the results reflected in their paychecks!

As you enroll others, make sure they know about this promotion and help them to enroll 3 people in their first 14 days with us so they can qualify too. If you do that with your team, you can LITERALLY triple the size of your organization EVERY 2 WEEKS. Awesome!

** Our new Bulk Email Autoresponders ROCK **

We rolled out a really cool new tool recently and we hope you’ve been taking advantage of it – the members that have used it so far tell us they *love* it!

The tool is really great because it lets you load up to 500 leads in to our system every single month and email them with whatever opportunity YOU want them to see! In fact, going one step further, you can email them up to 10 times every month!

Combined with our powerful landing pages, videos, and lead capture systems, you can see who is responding and begin marketing to them moving forward too.

If you wanna go BIG TIME with this, the cost of upgrading to our systems that allow up to 250,000 leads to be loaded up every month is just a fraction of the cost that other marketing systems would charge. It’s a sweet way to market to the masses and get real results!

So, May was *definitely* awesome for Stiforp and our members. The next few months are going to be much, much bigger. Hang on for a fun ride as we’re sure to see TONS more members join this business and see the same success you have!

To your success!

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